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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

1st Grade...WHAT?

Please excuse my while I cry into my coffee that I am drinking at 10 PM as I write this. 

You guys, my amazing little boy is now a big 1st grader and although I am very excited for him, I am also just so sad to realize that time really did just fly by and that in a few years he will be driving and then graduating and then, oh I just can't go there.  This boy will live in my basement with his wife and children if I get my crazy mom ways. 

In all seriousness, he is growing so quickly.  I swear he sprouted another foot and all the sudden he has outgrown all his clothes that should fit him, he has opinions of what to do with his hair and clothes, he is bringing home love notes from little girls (yes with hearts and googly eyes folks) and he is so responsible (kid takes care of the dogs and cleans the house and asks for homework).

1st grade will do this boy good.  He needs to be back in the school routine.  My little technology obsessed kid needs some structure.  I took the summer off from structure and we spent a lot of time just hanging out watching movies, playing various board games and entertaining ourselves with apps on the iPad.  It was pretty blissful to just relax, but now it is time to get back in routine.

When I took him to his first day he told me that I could just drop him off.  Clearly, I couldn't handle that so I walked him to his class meeting area and waited through the morning announcements and even walked with him to his classroom.  He was eager to start the year and I was feeling both the excitement and a bit of sadness as my first baby became even more independent.  He waved goodbye and I got into my car, cried and bit and then went to greet my own classroom of eager students (180 of them to be exact).

I know it is good for him.  I LOVE his school, I LOVE his teacher and I LOVE how much he values school.  He is just growing too fast and I need to take it all in.  I mean look at that face, I swear I still see a tiny baby boy in there.

Happy first week of school buddy!  We are so proud of you!