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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Back to School with Xfinity #XfinityBTS #ad

This week I start my 8th year teaching and both my kids start back into their school routines. This means busy nights balancing homework, grading and family time. Thankfully Comcast has everything we need to keep life in balance.

Our school schedules are hectic to say the least and right now we haven't even added in our normal after school activities. Once those are added, our schedule will be crazy. It is very difficult for us to find time for family nights and to make sure that we are all able to keep up on our school work, but as a teacher I know the importance of this.

We keep a calendar in our family command center and that helps keep us organized. Often we have to schedule in our family time, homework time and even our downtime. It is ok and it works for us.

One thing that our entire family loves to keep on our schedule is family movie night, and X1 by Comcast makes these so easy. We simple speak a movie title into the remote and it pops up on the screen. It is a rarity when we cannot find the movie we are searching for. They have a huge selection of On Demand movies and shows and our family takes full advantage of the variety.

Our time is made easier with Comcast. We have the Xfinity triple play and it has been fantastic. Fast internet service for my work (both teaching and blogging) as well as the kids homework and practice. Comcast really helps our family stay on track and has been very reliable. We do not necessarily live in a metropolis and even being where we are, our service has been great.

We had some work done on our Comcast home security system recently and the technician showed us this really awesome speed test to check our connection speeds. It was interesting to look at our upload and download speeds and compare it to the peak usage data. Our internet is working great and we were told that if it slows down to check out the "speed factors" tab. We have not had to do that yet!

Our kids are on their tablets often. Our oldest is not quite to the point that he is working on research projects, but he does practice his reading and writing on our devices. Many of the apps and websites need a quality connection and we have not had a problem connecting all our devices at the same time ever. It has kept up with our high demand without fault.

Comcast with X1 has been a great addition to our family and really helped keep us organized and on track. I love that I have a service that I can count on. If you are looking for a reliable service provider to help set your family up for success check them out on their website and Facebook.


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of XFINITY. The opinions and text are all mine.