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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

August Challenges

I have gone back and forth about writing this post.  However, I think that it is better for me just to keep people in the know and let my beautiful readership in on why I have not been blogging as regularly.  I wish that it was all happiness and rainbows, but the majority of it is not.

August opened up with a nice little car accident that I am STILL dealing with.  I finally got my truck back on Friday of last week and it has been wonderful, however, the insurance end of this has not been wonderful.  Although the accident was not my fault, the at fault insurance company is less than helpful and terrible at communicating.  I am trying to be patient but every time we turn around something else goes wrong and I am on my last thread with these folks.

August was made terrifying because my daddy had a major health scare.  I would say that out of everything that has been happening in our life, this made me take a step back.  My dad is only 51 and had several small heart attacks last month.  Some of this is lifestyle related but unfortunately from this even my sister and I learned that there is quite the family history of heart disease in our family and that most of my dads grandparents, and uncles have either passed away from heart attacks around 50 or have been treated for this awful disease.

This rocked my family pretty hard.  My parents, Sister and I am very, very close.  We live close together, we talk daily, if not several times daily and we hang out all the time.  My kids are enamored with their grandparents.  They spend the night or the weekend with my parents at least 2-3 times a month if not more.  My parents are just as much their world as they are mine.  When we found out what happened with my dad, we all rushed to his side and stayed there and for the last month we have done the same.  We are encouraging to life a healthier lifestyle, make healthy choices and we are spending a lot of time with him.  My son took grandpa's heart attack pretty hard and cried and has been very empathetic and needy.  Everyone has been scared and nervous and just needing to be together as we rally around my dad and his health.  On the upside, he has quit smoking, he has cut out nearly all salt and he is making great lifestyle choices.  He feels better.  His heart is healing and although he is not out of the woods just yet, those baby steps are making a difference.

The final challenge has been an awesome one!  My sweet little nugget nephew is growing strong and is getting more personality each day!  I love him so much and thought it would be best to end today's post on a positive note!  

Thanks for bearing with me!