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Monday, September 12, 2016

I am an AUNTIE

People, FINALLY, I can share that I am an aunt!  On August 26th, my amazing sister endured 40 hours of labor that ended in a csection, because to our surprise my tiny sister who barely looked 7 months pregnant was carrying a 8 lb 11 oz beautiful baby boy!

You guys, I love my kids, like I seriously love them so much.  However, I did NOT expect to love this little boy the way that I love my own kids.  I find myself tearing up just looking at him.  Just looking at my kids with him.

He is so handsome and absolutely the sweetest little nugget I have laid my eyes on!  His start to life was a little rough, but after almost a week in the hospital, he is doing so good!

He loves his auntie.  I know people say that the babies don't know people, but I swear he loves me the most (I mean next to his actual parents).  He always calms for me, he loves to snuggle me and I think he just knows that we might be kindred spirits!

I mean he only smiles for me in selfies!  Ok, that might be gas or just a silly baby face accidentally made, however, both times I have taken a selfie with this little nugget he has totally made a "smile" and so I count that.

Becoming an auntie has been the biggest dream, next to becoming a mom.  I am so happy for my sister and brother-in-law and I cannot wait to watch this little boy grow up with our family.