Labor Day! |We Got the FUNK

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor Day!

I took last week off.  A lot happened which I will post about later, but man did I need a bit of time to wrap my head and life around what was going on.  I will say, everyone is ok and we are moving forward and that is all that matters!

Our family was able to get away for the weekend and spend some time up in the mountains on my grandparents property.  It was a much needed getaway.  We took off early Saturday morning and came back on Monday afternoon.  It was great to get our camper out and I was incredibly impressed with my ability to get everyone packed up and showered and on the road in under 2 hours!

Once up there we set up camp, ate some lunch and the boys hopped on the ATV's.  Our little guy is doing really well on the trails and although his ATV is governed, he has really good control and is a very cautious rider.

He helped his great-grandparents and his grandpa mow down a pasture area and move some fallen trees with his little ATV and was such a great helper. 

The boys also took off early Sunday morning for some fishing, where they caught 5 fish!  The boy was on cloud nine and he made sure that we cooked those fish up for dinner that night!

I grew up camping and most of the time my parents really liked to rough it.  We had a little tiny pop up camper that we would stay in, out in the middle of nowhere often and at one point my parents also owned a 100+ year old cabin about 15 miles into the deep dark wilderness accessible safely only by ATV's or hiking.  Seclusion and being one with nature is something that my dad loves, so when I was 16 and my dad brought home a travel trailer with all the amenities of home, I was pretty excited!  Since then we have also purchased and renovated our own travel trailer and now instead of roughin' it camping, I go "glamping" and I wouldn't have it any other way!

The little girl and I spent many hours playing in the camper, watching movies with grandma and cooking!  It was very nice to have time with my parents and be out of reach of cell service.  Many times we forget how nice that really is. 

We were surrounded by wildlife and probably saw 10-12 deer while we were there.  Our kids loved it and although they were difficult to take photos of, we did manage to get this one!

The last time we were all able to go camping we had 6 rowdy dogs and boy were they insane.  We were nervous to take our pups with us this time, but 3 years later, the dogs were awesome.  They stayed right by us, they listened well and they had a blast.  I think our pups are still sleeping off the excitement of the weekend!

I hope your labor day weekend was full of life and wonderful!