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Monday, January 23, 2017

Something to Look Forward To!

The husband and I love to travel.  Growing up, my parents did a lot of road trips with my sister and I. We have seen a lot of the midwest of America and if there was a roadside historical shop, we have probably been there.  The husband on the other hand did very little traveling growing up.  When we were married, we had huge dreams to travel, but then life happened.

We have all been there and it is blatantly obvious that the husband and I have both neglected each others love languages.  This year we are focusing on us and our family.  We need to be us again and we need to be united.  Last week I saw the picture above on my Facebook feed.  Earlier that week, our little girl had been watching Disney Junior and saw a big white boat and princesses inviting her aboard.  She immediately ran upstairs and started packing a bag and it took everything I had to explain to her that we were not going on a boat.  Yet, this photo popped up.  

You guys, fate is calling us.  It might not be the most opportune time in our lives, but it is time.  We need to do this.  So the husband and I called up Disney Cruise lines and booked our cruise with our kids for October.  Everything is still very early, but we are excited.  We are thankful for our Disney Visa which gives us 6 months to pay the whole thing off with no interest, but at the same time, we are totally fine with carrying a balance, if this brings some excitement and balance to our family.

This will be our families first official vacation together, just us.  We have done a few little trips here and there, but this one is the first that will only be the husband, myself and both kids, away for an extended time.  This is a goal, something to look forward to and something to work towards. Motivation!  Hopefully we can pull it off and fate really is on our side!

So tell me, what should we know about cruising and Disney cruises, because we have no clue what to expect!