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Monday, January 9, 2017

That Time my Kid Flooded our House

I live with two amazing, beautiful and smart children whom I adore.  They are pretty self sufficient when it comes to waking up, getting dressed, brushing their teeth and even getting snacks and going to the bathroom.  I thought. 

Until yesterday morning, when my youngest came banging on our bedroom door at 8 AM (I thought we would get to sleep in a bit), exclaiming "The Bathroom is Leaking"!  I quickly checked the kids bathroom next to our room and nothing...and then I heard it. Rushing water. 

I ran downstairs and could see that the water had flooded the 1/2 bathroom off of the kitchen, 1/2 of our kitchen and about a 2 ft x 5 ft section of our living room.  I yelled to the husband because oddly enough, I know a lot of things, but turning off the water is apparently not one that I knew previously to this.  He comes barreling downstairs and shuts the water off.  Damage was done, clean up needed to happen.  The husband and I got to work and within about 30 minutes we had the majority of the water cleaned up, the toilet fixed and were locating fans to start drying out everything. 

We realized relatively quickly that the water had already seeped through our tile into our sub-flooring and our basement below.  Both the husband and I were panicked about this and when we went downstairs we were elated to see that the water was pretty contained to our utility room.  We got to work trying to stop drips and redirect the water, while I cleared out boxes and items to make sure everything was properly dried.  Our basement currently is in a state of emergency, but still we are thankful. 

We are thankful that our child did come wake us up before the flooding was even worse.  We are thankful that the water did NOT get into the finished part of the basement.  We are thankful that we had everything necessary to clean up the flood.  We are thankful that nothing was destroyed...seriously, not one thing.  Boxes were wet, but miraculously everything inside was dry. This is definitely something we will never forget!  

So have you ever had to deal with a flood?