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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Boss Baby; An Honest Review

Disclosure:  We were invited to screen the movie for free.

A couple weekends ago, the family and I set off to catch the newest DreamWorks movie, "Boss Baby".  My kids had watched the trailer below and were really excited to see this fun new movie about a little baby who turns a family upside-down.

It has taken me a little longer than normal to write about this movie because to be very honest, I was not impressed.  The movie has a cute storyline.  It really does, and I am sure that most older siblings can relate to the characters in the movie.  However, the humor in more than one part, was not appropriate.  

There is a scene with a pacifier where the baby and the older brother are using them as a type of time machine and the Boss Baby keeps saying "suck, suck, suck" over and over and maybe it is Alec Baldwins raspy voice, but it was just creepy.

A couple of the parents in the theater and I were exchanging stunned looks throughout many of the scenes.  I think for older kids this would be ok, but for my little ones, it was just not a movie that I want to watch with them again. 

I kept watching the movie thinking that my high school students would love this and of course when we came back from spring break this week, many had in fact, watched the movie.  They enjoyed it and were laughing and making jokes from the movie.

Needless to say, although the movie has a good storyline, the humor is just not great for my kids and family and we wont be purchasing it.  My kids were not even that excited about it when we were watching the movie and that is not a normal reaction from them.  I am thankful that we do get these times together as a family and that we do get to screen many different movies, and I know that although we are not fans of this movie, that my opinion is not the end all be all to others' decision making.

Boss Baby is in theaters now if you want to check it out.