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Monday, May 29, 2017

All the Surgeries!

So it has been about a month since my last health update and I wanted to get everyone caught up on the Funk chaos.  We will just start by saying that it shall be the summer of surgeries and we are so hopeful that these solve some big issues!

We will just start with me.  So last I updated, the OB said it was time to lose the uterus (finally), but that I had to get my life together, and by that she meant, make sure I was no longer anemic, that my blood counts were higher and that my A1C was lower.

Well, folks, I have no clue on my actual numbers but I can report the following.  First, I am no longer craving ice which tells me that likely my anemia is getting better.  Fun fact, if you did not know, chewing on ice is a variation of pica, which is a disorder where people crave items that have no nutritional value.  There is no evidence to explain why people who are anemic crave ice, but it is something that is reported as a symptom often in people that are anemic.  Second, I have lost 8.4 lbs. In type 2 diabetics, weight gain happens when blood glucose is not being managed well.  When it is managed well, then the weight typically comes off.  So this is a sign that my A1C is likely going down.  I am hoping by the end of this week I hit that 10 lb mark!  Last, I had my ultrasound and it came back normal, aside from a thickened lining which now has my doctor wanting to do a uterine biopsy to rule out cancer.  She said she is pretty sure that I do not have cancer, but just in case, she wants to check it out.  So far I am on track to rid myself of this mean ol' uterus and mid-July needs to be here already!

My husband will likely kill me for sharing this photo, so if you see him, say nothing 😉.  However, this man has been a wild mess of health this past year.  After all the mental health issues, he then came down with strep so many times that we lost count.  In addition, he had terrible ear infections and sinus infections that would not go away.  In January, they started him on steroids to help with the infections and he has basically been on an antibiotic since then as well.  Well, after seeing an ENT a few times, they decided that it was time for some surgical intervention.  He had his first surgery last week on his sinuses.  They basically drilled out the sinus cavity to open it up and remove bones and the congestion that has been stuck in there.  You guys, the results were immediate.

Within a day, the swelling that we never noticed in his face was down and he was breathing better. The next surgery is at the end of June and will be the tough one.  He is getting his tonsils removed and we have been told by basically everyone that it is the worst thing ever and that women would rather have a c-section without pain medication than have their tonsils out again.  So that is awesome. We are optimistic because the poor guy cannot keep dealing with awful sinus infections and strep anymore.  Send prayers...and wine...for me, because I am a terrible nurse.

We had all these plans for a great summer, but we are being realistic that much of our summer will be spent together at home in recovery.  We have a few little things planned but we also know that there will be a solid month of both adults not feeling great.  Until then, we just continue to enjoy the little things in life and are thankful for our time together as a family.

Happy Memorial Day!