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Monday, May 1, 2017

Back on the Wagon

A few weeks ago, I shared that I had my blood work ran and that my health update was not great. Since that update, I stated that I would be starting an iron supplement, a yoga routine and my LCHF diet. It is time that I update everyone on some new information as well as my progress.

This picture above I am weighing right around 173 lbs.  That is by no means my heaviest, but it is also not where I should be to make sure that my body is functioning at its best.  My goal weight is between 145 and 155.  Those are the weights that I feel the best at and that my body responds well too.  Now this is not about weight loss for me, this is about getting my health under control and feeling better.

I have struggled with so much health-wise since my daughter was born.  Now, none of this is her fault and I definitely put no blame on my children.  My body is just not adjusting well to this next stage in my life.  Low vitamin D, type 2 diabetes, low blood counts and anemia, heavy awful periods and depression.  These factors are what are killing me.  I actually feel like I have depleted all my energy reserves and that I have less energy and motivation now then I did a year ago when I was completing graduate school, teaching full time, parenting and dealing with my rough marriage.

So here is where everything gets a bit interesting.  Last week after my dog passed away, I had a highly anticipated OBGYN appointment.  I need to admit that prior to this appointment, I still had not started the iron, yoga or LCHF diet.  There was no motivation for me.  I hate restricting myself and I am so tired half the time, that meal prepping and dinner options that take more than 15 minutes are just not happening. 

This appointment was for me to once again address my want for a hysterectomy.  You see I have been dealing with periods that are 12-16 days long with maybe a week in between for the last 4 years.  I am essentially hemorrhaging often and losing more blood in 6 hours than the average woman loses in 7 days, which explains the low blood counts and anemia.  So for 4 years I have begged and pleaded for help and although they understood my complaints the blood work was not showing what I was explaining...until a few weeks ago.  

After meeting with my OB she finally agreed that my blood counts and anemia were very concerning and that it was time to take action, however, I needed to fix a couple things before that can happen. First, I needed to go on an iron supplement and a multivitamin with iron to help the anemia and to avoid needing a blood transfusion during or after surgery.  Second, they put me on a high dose hormone birth control to stop my periods as best they can.  I am not to take the sugar pills at all, just continue for the next three months on this dosage. The hope is that my blood counts will go back up with this.  Last, I have to get my A1C down.  This is because healing takes longer for diabetics and they really want to make sure that I have good control of this before having surgery. 

So what you see in the pill box above is my new normal.  I take my antidepressant, an iron pill, birth control, a multivitamin, vitamin D, and my Metformin for diabetes. I also started back on the low carb higher fat diet, however, I am not being as restrictive because I do not want to give up.  I am making dinners at home and if we do eat out, I am selecting options that are much better for me.  However, if I want to eat a small piece of chocolate, then I allow myself one small piece to savor and I adjust my other snacks accordingly.  I am trying to find a balance and hoping that this pays off.  

I am seeing results.  I do have a bit more energy.  I have lost 4.2 lbs as of this morning (in just 6 days) and although I have not started yoga yet, it is still most definitely in my plans.  Just one thing at a time.  I still have to have an ultrasound and I need to have one more round of blood work before they officially set my surgical date, but for now it is tentatively July 11th as long as I stay on plan!

I am going to do my best to check in weekly to help with accountability.  Thanks for reading, supporting and keeping me motivated!