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Friday, May 5, 2017

Spirit Riding Free #Netflix #PrizePack

Years ago my mom bought the movie Spirit.  My daughter being a huge animal loved fell in love with this movie.  She watches it nearly every single time we are at my parents and has even named her rocking horse "Spirit".  You can imagine her excitement when she found out that Netflix was premiering a new show, Spirit Riding Free!

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The show premiers today and I know exactly what we will be doing this weekend.  This Netflix original series is easily going to be a family favorite.  Just watching the video below has us all a little more excited to cuddle up for a few episodes and a family night.

Inspired by the Oscar® nominated film, SPIRIT: Stallion of the Cimarron, DreamWorks introduces an all-new original television series, SPIRIT Riding Free: a coming-of-age story about three best friends, the horses they love, and a world of adventure.  A daring and natural-born leader, twelve-year-old Lucky moves from the big city to a wild ranch country, where she feels like a fish out of water.  Her life changes when she meets a wild mustang she calls SPIRIT, and they form an incredible bond that cannot be broken.  Along with their new best friends, Abigail and Pru, Luck and SPIRIT set off on daring adventures, push their limits, and discover what it means to be truly free.

Spirit is available on Netflix today in its full season and as a bonus, you can ENTER HERE to win a prize pack for Spirit Riding Free!