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Monday, June 5, 2017

My Experience Blogging and Mom 2.0

It has been a while since I wrote a post where I had no real topic or life story to share.  I just feel like writing today.  Maybe it is because my husband woke me up at the crack of dawn to roof our shed, maybe it is because it is summer and when I am not busy, I am bored or maybe it is because I just like to write.  Regardless, here I am today, writing, sharing, chatting and enjoying.

#mom2Summit, Blogging conferences
All outfits you see are by Lauren Conrad
I have spent 7 years blogging.  SEVEN people!  Most people who have been in this world that long are making great incomes and doing great things.  I am doing alright and I love where I am at.  I love that what I share here is valuable to my family and to my readers.  I love that I am paid to create and enjoy life and use products that I would use regardless.  You guys, blogging doesn't suck.  It is hard dang work.  I can't even begin to tell you how hard it is and most of it is not the writing or creating itself.  It is the promoting and building of the social networks.  That can be obsessively exhausting. Creating a platform that people want to visit is hard and not losing your voice just to make a dime is hard.  That is a balance that I really try to keep in mind.  Authenticity is so important to me.  I am a person who reads blogs myself and when I start to notice the bloggers voice leave and the authenticity slip, I stop visiting.  I hope that my readers would tell me if they felt that I was not being authentic.  Most people do not know that bloggers have to pitch and apply to work with the brands that they represent when they are first starting out.  We do not just share things we don't use or have no interest in.  The pitching and applications are hard, but they are also valuable.  What is even more valuable are the connections that I make with my readers, the brands I represent and the friends that I make in this industry!

#mom2Summit, Blogging conferences

Almost a month ago I attended an amazing blogging and social influencer conference called Mom 2.0.  I am what I call a "small blogger" compared to the big guns that were at the conference.  I was fan girling as I was meeting all these amazing people whose blogs I read and whose stories I have followed.  You guys, Barry Watson from 7th Heaven and Date My Dad was there and the Oxi-Clean guy and I was more excited to meet my idols!  I think I may have made a fool of myself as I introduced myself to Jennifer Borget from Cherish 365.  That is completely ok, it was basically the highlight of my year so far.  Of course, I forgot to ask for a photo.  However, I did get one with Claudia Krusch from Trendy Latina whom I love and adore.  She is the sweetest woman ever!

#mom2Summit, Blogging conferences

Mom 2.0 Summit is a conference where social influencers go to learn, connect, network and have fun.  We are down right spoiled by the brands that are there and given so much amazing information from the presenters that I had already purchased my ticket for 2018 before we left Orlando from this years conference.  I learned so much, I made so many connections and I felt so inspired.  I am a teacher and I am a learner and I am also an over-sharer and chatterbox.  This was so my element!  I even got to science it up in the Dove Suite and might be working with them in the future not for my blog, but for my classroom!

#mom2Summit, Blogging conferences

I made new friends and for the first time in a long time I found a place where I just felt like I belonged.  All these moms, who every single day hustle for their families and make it work, while still being true to themselves.  It was awesome.  Censie Sawyer from Building our Story has been a long time inspiration and friend of mine and Kelly Tomlinson from Live.Love.Texas is a new friend who I already cherish and had a great time with!  Both women work full time blogging and are full of information and passion.  I love that the friends that you make, make you who you are and give you the inspiration that you need to harness your passion too!

#mom2Summit, Blogging conferences

I am already ready for Mom 2.0 next year and love where my little blog has taken me. I am so glad I have a second job that I truly enjoy!

Are you going to Mom 2.0 next year?