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Monday, July 3, 2017

Whoa...Today Got Serious

Today was supposed to be an awesome day.  I finally had my pre-op for my hysterectomy that is tentatively scheduled for next week, and after seeing the results of my blood work, I was confident that whole appointment would be positive, informative and exciting.

Yup, that is not how I left feeling at all.  First, let me take you through all the nitty gritty of the "why" I am having a hysterectomy at 32 and the steps it took me to get here (men you might want to stop reading).  I have always had 7-10 day heavy periods from the moment they started.  After I had my son, they were actually somewhat better, in that the cramping I would get, that could sideline me for a couple days, stopped completely.  The bleeding did not.  Then we had our daughter and my cycle changed.  My period returned in full force at just 6 weeks postpartum.  It has continued to come every 6-14 days and last for 12-16 days and is very heavy.  I am basically hemorrhaging and miserable.

For 4 years I talked to my OB about this.  They suggested birth control, which I tried and it did not work.  They then suggested an IUD, which I declined for numerous reasons (yes people love them, but I have my reasons folks). I suggested a uterine ablation and was told that due to my c-sections, I was not a candidate.  I asked about a hysterectomy and was told that I was too young and there is nothing to suggest that the hysterectomy is medically necessary.

That all changed when I had my blood work done in May and found out that I had very low blood counts and I was extremely anemic.  Combine all that business with my heavy periods and it was finally time for us to act and prepare my body for a hysterectomy.  They put me on a ton of iron and birth control and hoped that would increase my iron and that the birth control would control my periods enough that I would not need to make as much blood as often.  Both worked...sort of.  The iron did its job!  I am not anemic at all and I actually feel great about that.  The birth control did help my body retain more blood, but did not stop or slow the bleeding I have been having.  In fact, some TMI here, since the end of April, I have had 5 periods.  I am miserable.

While prepping for the surgery, I had to get the anemia under control, lower my A1C and have an ultrasound to rule out other issues that may cause the bleeding.  Today we went over everything and that is where things changed a bit.  My anemia is obviously awesome.  My A1C for the first time in 5 years is back in the normal range but the ultrasound although normal in most ways, showed that I had a very thick endometrial lining.

I knew about that going into todays appointment and had emailed back and forth with my doctor about it.  She told me that it could be caused from two things.  First, cancer, which she felt was highly unlikely and second, pre-menopause.  She told me that I could have a uterine biopsy to rule out cancer but that it was up to me to make that choice.  This was the beginning of June.

Today, that tune changed.  Today, I was told that she would not do my hysterectomy unless I had the biopsy.  Today, there was a lot of talk about specialists, "what ifs" and what to expect with an oncologist.  Today, cancer was a topic that I was not expecting to even discuss.

Now to be perfectly clear, I am not currently diagnosed with cancer.  I probably do not even have it. I know that in this climate, doctors follow the CYA (cover your a--) method.  However, it was scary.  It was concerning to be given a lot more information about what could happen.

So there it is.  I am waiting on the results of a biopsy to determine if I will have a normal partial hysterectomy with my OB or if I will have a full hysterectomy and then cancer treatment with an oncologist.

I just had to get this off my chest today, because holding it in is making me a mess of "what ifs". Thanks for reading, thanks for the support. I am sure it will all be fine.

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