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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

2018 Word of the Year

In the land of social influence, entrepreneurship and blogging, it is really important to have goals, to set a vision and to find things that inspire you.  This year I am taking big steps with my blog and setting big goals and all of that is inspired by my word of the year, Push.

Word of the year, Push meanings, How to choose a word of the year

I plan to push myself out of my comfort zone.  That means that I purchased a new domain, which you will soon see redirects www.wegotthefunk1.com to www.wegotthefunk.com.  It was a big purchase for me but I am excited for the opportunities ahead with a new, more focused domain. 

I am also pushing myself out of my current blogging platform to a new blogging platform, which will give me many more options on the backend to really get my posts in front of my audience.  I hope that you bear with me as I begin to learn the ins and outs of this new platform.  I am hopeful that it will really help me with my search engine optimization and overall customization.
Word of the year, Push meanings, How to choose a word of the year
I am pushing boundaries this year. I have almost always waited for opportunities to come my way, but this year, I am going to seek out those opportunities and I am going to put those feelers and hopeful brand relationships out into the world!  This boundary needs to be broken.

I will push myself to be a better parent.  My kids are growing up and much of their time little I have spent working, and dragging them all over to places.  Most people would look at us and think that my kids have it all and are so lucky.  My kids are well behaved for the most part, the know boundaries, they listen nearly all the time and we get compliments in public on their good behavior, however, my social media addiction cut into my time as a present mother and it is time to push that aside and really delegate my time more appropriately.  I am making more of a conscious effort to put down my cell phone, to listen, to play, to engage and to talk with my children and I hope that this push will solidify my investment in my children.

Word of the year, Push meanings, How to choose a word of the year

I will push myself to take better care of myself.  I was overworked for years, I was emotionally strained.  I lost the focus on the important parts of life and my health declined.  No more of that.  I am pushing 2018 in the right direction and taking care of myself, taking breaks, taking time for my family that energizes me and making sure that my health is on point.

I am nervous and excited about where 2018 is going and hopefully those little pushes will take me to new levels!

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