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Friday, January 12, 2018

#WholeDamnMess Releases Debut Album [ad]

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Music breathes life into people’s souls.  It is what gives us a rhythm to move through the day, to complete tasks, to motivate and to inspire. So when I was sent the new album from Whole Damn Mess, titled, “The Queen and The Outcast”, I was eager to see what feelings it evoked!

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The Queen and The Outcast is the debut album for The Whole Damn Mess and it has a 90’s alternative rock vibe to it.  With smooth but upbeat tempos, relatable lyrics and overall just feel good music.  Comprised of 10 tracks, it biographies an unexpected love story between the “spoiled little rich girl” and that rock n’ roll bad boy.  Check out the tracklisting below.

The Queen and The Outcast

1) And There They Were
2) We Don’t Need A Reason
3) Be Good To Yourself
4) Anywhere Without You
5) That’s Just How It Goes
6) Maybe We Should Do It
7) Helium
8) Summer Under Covers
9) When She Says
10) Got You Stuck in My Head

I listened to the entire album and was really just into the vibe it gave me.  It was pretty calming an easy to work with the music in my headphones.  I felt very nostalgic listening to the tempos and lyrics of the song.  Focusing on young love, young parents and the struggles of being your own couple.  I enjoyed the entire album but a couple songs really stuck out to me.  The first was, “And There They Were” and “We Don’t Need a Reason”.

“And There They Were” chronicles the wedding between the lead singer and his wife amongst their two different worlds.  One of riches and one of rags. Some clash of class, but everyone there celebrating the love between the two of them.  The tempo of this song is a little bit upbeat with some dramatic pauses that really bring the entire song together.  I really love all the personal sentiments that went into this song too. Great opening song for the album for sure and already one of my favorites.

We Don't Need A Reason by Whole Damn Mess on VEVO.

When “We Don’t Need a Reason” hit my headphones I was pulled back to the nineties and the emotions that I used to get from listening to The Cranberries, Goo Goo Dolls and Dave Matthews and many other 90’s alternative bands just came flooding back.  It was soooo good.  Just good music, good lyrics, emotion in the singer's voice and that calm, easy rock that I grew up loving.  I fell head over heels for my husband at a young age and we knew then that we were going to be married and together forever, we didn’t need a reason, we knew nothing better would come along, it was just us.  This song says exactly that and was so good.  

Whole Damn Mess is available now and you can purchase here.  Definitely worth it, for some good emotion evoking, calm, alternative rock.  Love it!  Check out the band online too!

What do you think of Whole Damn Mess?

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